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White Columns Curated Artist Registry

My work in painting and textile has an interest in edges and boundaries, and a play between surface and support. I am consistently motivated by a desire to be still and attend to light, surface, and the space between things. Improvisation, not-knowing, and a sense of the provisional are essential to my process. 

My recent textile paintings are thinking about and performing a questioning of their own object-hood and interiority. I am interested in their negotiation with the wall and their place in space as well as the presence and dissolution of themselves as 3-dimensional objects. In this work liquidity has taken a back seat to using the surface of the fabric as screen or skin and the sewn line at all times has created the structure as there is no other support in place. In the beginning pieces the shape mimicked that of a small stretched canvas. The shape has reversed itself, flattened out and opened to other possibilities, while still referencing and coming back to the original shape. The pieces catch some mark-making of sewn line, found and painted fabric, paper, tape.

Rachel Kahn was born in Oberlin, Ohio. She earned a BA at Swarthmore College, studied documentary photography at New York’s International Center of Photography, and painting and drawing at the Art Students League and California College of the Arts. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and is currently a candidate for the MFA at Brooklyn College.